The TPK Table Football Championship

Krökeln, wuzzeln, töggelen, that's what table football is called in Hanover, Austria and Switzerland. In France, table football is called "babyfoot", the Spanish say "futbolín".

Whatever it is called in each case, you hear from more and more companies in the TPK that they have set up a table football table and that people play there regularly and passionately. Originally, the compact tables first migrated from the smoky pubs to the advertising agencies, but now more and more companies are setting up one of the tables in the break room.

Those who are walking around the Technology Park can sometimes hear the characteristic clacking, victorious jeering and more or less suppressed shouts of the players from open windows. This gave rise to the idea of having the various players compete against each other in their own TPK table football championship. This was held for the first time in 2012, the year of the European Football World Cup, and has taken place every year since. There are exciting prizes to be won for the teams that make it to the semi-finals and finals.

Arena sponsorship for a good cause

For the duration of the championship, the Technology Park sets up an arena where the games are played. Companies can sponsor the arena, which will then bear the name of the main sponsor, following the Bundesliga model, of course only for the duration of the tournament. The sponsorship income is used to support charitable projects and social institutions.