Our employees – your points of contact

For everyone who wants to learn more

Our dedicated team led by Managing Director Thomas Lüdtke ensures that everything runs smoothly at the TPK. It goes without saying that every one of us is more than happy to lend an ear when it comes to your questions and wishes. Just give us a call on: +49(0)721 6105-01.

Julia Minuth
Tel.: +49(0)721 6105 103
E-Mail: minuth@techpark.de

Marcel Fetzner

Tel.: +49(0)721 6105-108

E-Mail: fetzner@techpark.de


Inge Fuchs

Tel.: +49(0)721 6105 104

E-Mail: fuchs@techpark.de


Corinna Knörr
Tel.: +49(0)721 6105-120
E-Mail: knoerr@techpark.de

Jochen Kürner
Tel.: +49(0)721 6105-106
E-Mail: kuerner@techpark.de

Joachim Stieboldt
Tel.: +49(0)721 6105-105
E-Mail: stieboldt@techpark.de

Matthias Lumpp

E-Mail: lumpp@techpark.de


Vito Pugliese

E-Mail: pugliese@techpark.de


Jürgen Jößel

E-Mail: joessel@techpark.de