Art in the park

The "Art in the Technology Park" event series has been presenting works by renowned artists from the Karlsruhe technology region for more than 10 years.

These exhibitions are not only crowd pullers, but also offer the companies based there a communication platform that goes beyond their day-to-day business - another point that speaks for the Karlsruhe Technology Park as a representative location for national and international high-tech companies.

Thomas Lüdtke, managing director of Technologiepark Karlsruhe GmbH, sees advantages for all sides when art is exhibited in the Technology Park: "The artist finds one or the other lovers of his art among the resident entrepreneurs, and the employees enjoy the opportunity to visit the exhibition during their lunch break. For us as operators, it's a round thing."


Exhibitions at the TPK

2000: Bernadette Hörder
2002: Thomas Kühn
2004: Reinhold Braun "4 floors - 4 stages"
2005: Ákos Matzon "Deconcrete"
2006: Sandro Vadim "New Works"
2007: Andrei Schiopu "Stage designs"
2008: Walter Jung "Painting"
2009: Marie Stegmeier "A hp against tractors"
2010: Thomas Brunner, Regine Kruzinna, Margot Witte
2011: Reinhold Braun „BUNTE 12/2011“
2013: Joachim Czichon "Figurations and figures of light"
2014: Artists' Collective North Basin "The North Basin as a guest in the Technology Park"
2019: Joachim Czichon Paintings & Works on Paper

Joachim Czichon "Paintings & Works on Paper"

Impressions of the art exhibition by Joachim Czichon 2013 at the TPK

Reinhold Braun „BUNTE 12/2011“

Impressions of the art exhibition by Reinhold Braun 2011 at the TPK